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Ashlee - The Imagination Across Your Mind, Ashlee Pass Trough Your Heart

Interest, Dream and Aspiration
     Ashlee, her full name is Ker Sueh Ling. Same as majority, she currently pursuing her degree in Help University College. Some of the students may forced by parents to continue their higher level of education, but she is the one who forced her parent for her to continue her education. The reason of having higher level of education is that, by having higher level of education can help others in better abilities especially she is studying psychology. Ashlee believes that helping people must understand their problems and everything is start from communication. Psychology is a way of understand every individual behaviour. Different from others, she interested to almost things that she do not have knowledge on it. The reason is she interested to learn and share to others about things that I learned, especially to those minorities. Her major interest are dancing, talking and listening. Dance break culture bond, by learning different kind of dance can understand others culture. Whereas by talking and listening are to understand and learn from those wisdom people.
     Ashlee aspiration is become a kindergarten teacher. This is inspired by her mother because her mother is kindergarten teacher. It is a great work. They teach every child from zero with patience. Other than that, education is important to everyone, especially to children nowadays. In this technology era, children learn things very fast, without a correct guidance can lead them to wrong path. If they grow up in a bad environment without care of parents, they can do anything they want and could make them to make wrong decision and choosing the wrong path in future. In my opinion, to be a kindergarten teacher is not as easy to just by liking children, but full with passion. Lastly, her dream is to become a kindergarten owner. This kindergarten is not just education, but also with humanity. It is important for children to understand humanity in order to interact with society in their life since they are young, because they will be the future leader. With love and caring, they will hold their hopes in their future.

Saturday, 28 May 2011

Ree Ann - Walking Down Her Path

     Symbolism is one thing that Ree Ann feels really interested at. Being inspired by the book “The Da Vinci Code”, she has learnt that a symbol is not only a design but it is a particular mark that represents some piece of information. In addition, a symbol's meaning may be modified by various factors including popular usage, history, and contextual intent. When she looks into the ancient historical background, the symbols used in different cultures never fail to amaze her. They could be a way of telling stories, communication or even recording significant events. Therefore, symbolism can be used as way to understand ancient cultures.

The Eye of Horus is an ancient Egyptian symbol of protection, royal power and good health.
     Ree Ann has acrophobia. Ever since she was a kid, she was fear of the heights.  When she was young, she would scream for help if she was lifted by the adults. One day, she hopes she will be able to overcome this phobia and give bungee-jumping a try. Being famous for its height, Macau Tower measures 338m (1109 ft) from the ground level to the highest point. If she ever has enough courage, she would want to bungee-jump off this iconic tower.

Bungee jumping from the Macau Tower offers a panoramic view of the city.
     When people talk about their career aspirations, it is no surprise when they mention a successful career, which usually means to achieve the advancement in the organization’s hierarchy level. When an individual is advancing the hierarchy level of an organization, there are opportunities for growth, which allows the person continuously to acquire new skills and broaden his knowledge.
     In addition, a high job position represents lucrative salary.Finance plays a vital role in not only professional but personal life of a person as well. Ree Ann wishes for a job that could of course, provide her family a comfortable life and allow them to maintain a good lifestyle.
     Career wise, as an employee, she seeks a challenging position that builds on her already existing knowledge and skills. The company should have a motivating environment that keeps her develop.
     Her passion is in the field of Public Relations where she could represent her company or client and manage the communication with its publics. The main concern is helping the company or client builds a positive image through conferences or working with the media. Also, it is necessary to provide counsel on communications strategy and in meeting its communication strategies. To Ree Ann, this job is highly challenging as she will be required to meet all types of people and the hardest part is to break the boundaries. It also provides her window of opportunities for growth as she will be meeting a lot of peoples. They sure will give her a lesson or two about life which she will not be able to learn by herself. She then could learn to view things in different perspectives as she will have to communication with them. Eventually, she hopes she could become an expert in this particular field in the future. Then she would contribute to this professional area by sharing her expertise and knowledge with the new generation.
Skills needed as a professional PR

Qifei - Under the Sea

Interest and Dream 
     Family is the priority in Qifei's life. Her parents spend most of their time going outstation so she does appreciate the time when her family takes off for a trip. Her dad used to bring the family to beautiful islands or fascinating national parks during the school holidays. Those memories of Qifei being together with her family are so warming that it becomes the reason why she falls in love with nature. Qifei is an ocean lover. This is because being in contact with ocean reminds her of her sweet family and it makes her happy.
Qifei dreams to have a diving license or a diving certificate. Some of her targeted locations to scuba dive are Sipadan Island and Mabul Island. Although these two islands located in her country, Malaysia but she has never travelled there before because her dad is not comfortable about travelling by planes. She wishes to travel on behalf of their parents. She wants to take lots of pictures of those heart-melting views and living creatures at the island as the collection of her albums.

Qifei loves being in ocean because for that moment of time, it clears her mind and thinks nothing but to follow the waves that bring her from one spot to another. The sunlight might be strong sometimes but the temperature simply even out with the cool ocean. Besides, to swim around the colorful healthy corals as well as with lots of beautiful creatures also bring her joy. Seeing lots of creatures living beautifully and swimming freely gives her a touchy-feeling. Other than the islands mentioned above, her dream is to scuba dive in the oceans of Bora-bora Island and the Maldives Islands. She thinks to scuba dive in those oceans are the must-dos before she rest in peace underground.

     Qifei aspires to teach children. The reason why she studies psychology is that she wants to learn the correct way to communicate with kids without inserting any negative impact to their lives. She believes the way a teacher teaches gives a great impact to a kid psychologically. Behavior of a teacher affects the interest of kids in their studies. At the same time, she wishes to stimulate the kids’ thinking critically during their learning process. So that the children will not study just for the sake of getting As in their exams and then forget about almost everything AFTER the exam. She aspires to let the kids to know knowledge has no limit and it is one of the most precious gifts that everyone can give it to themselves.

Hui Yi @ Jessie and Her Wonderland

Historical Colonial Buildings
    Hui Yi has huge interests in photographing and travelling. Photographing and travelling are both exciting and challenging activities. The combination of these two interests leads her to see the world differently where she learns to appreciate the natural environment. Through the pictures that she has taken while travelling, she realizes the amazing view of natural where normally neglected by people. Not only that, Hui Yi has discovered many new places when she travels either locally or abroad. Travelling enables her to be familiar with the historical stories from the book she read. Furthermore, she believes that photographing and travelling can enhance the relationships with family members and friends. Also, Hui Yi thinks pictures are the most memorable evidence of all her journeys. Looking back at the photo albums, she finds joy and excitement about her previous experiences. 

Superstar Libra Cruise and I
Capture Every Moment
     Hui Yi has a great dream to become a cognitive psychologist. The reason of it is she believes that the perspectives of people are the major point to their mental health. She has such dream because of her curiosity in understanding brain of humans. Hence, her dream is to investigate the methods for individual to increase their capability of learning and processing the information. Besides that, she always wonders the causes of people who struggle with Alzheimer’s disease. She has empathy when listening to the patients' situation. As a result, Hui Yi hopes that one day she can figure out factors of Alzheimer’s disease and helps others to prevent this horrible disease. With the dream she has, there would be a motivation for her to keep on going and to work harder in her life. Sometimes, this dream can even make her to be more energetic throughout her life. It is a beautiful dream of Hui Yi's that she will be working real hard to achieve it.

Hope DREAM comes TRUE
     Hui Yi has an aspiration on a job that she can work in different countries from time to time. This is because she wishes to develop precious knowledge, new experience such as adapting different cultures from colleagues who come from different countries. Therefore, she can widen her viewpoint from the angle of various cultures. Besides that, she wishes to learn different types of languages. While living and collaborating with colleagues, she has more opportunity to learn foreign languages. She simply enjoys mastering different foreign languages. With that, she is able to communicate and share interests with different people. Furthermore, she can understand different ways for people to express themselves using their own languages. By understanding various languages, misinterpretation or mistrust among people can be minimized and this may bring her to a harmony working environment.

Strive to reach the TOP

Ching Yee - Thoughts...Zzzz


Ching Yee likes listening to music especially sentimental music. Music can peace my mind and reduce the level of stress which has became a part of daily lifestyle. Music has a power that can neutral her depression mood and reduces her anxiety level. It is a best way for her to beat the stress. Listening to music makes she feels happy and relaxes. Besides that, Ching Yee likes gardening. Gardening is not only a benefiting on physical and mental but also emotional healing for humankind. It is a good relaxing exercise that helps her to calm her mind. This activity gives her a sense of achievement. She feels content and self-satisfied as the plant growth from day to day. Moreover, she likes sharing with others. By sharing and caring, she can foster a good relationship between people.

            Ching Yee has a dream. She wants to be a book author. She would like to write about her past experience. The contents of the book are full with her colorful memories and experiences which are translated into artful literary presentation. The creative ideas that she always dreams must write in the books. She can write down what she likes. As a best-selling author, the book must fit the publication and industry guidelines. She hopes she can accomplish her dream at least before forty years old. From now on, she should ready to prepare and improve for her writing skill so that she can move forward to her dream.

Ching Yee’s aspiration is has a professional job which works in the field of psychology. She has an aspiration to help people who need help. On that time, she can provide therapy and counseling to comfort the patient by deal with psychological problems. Having a calm and private communication can create a chance to interact with each other. Be a good listener and create a mutual conversation that can easy to know their problems. She would like to support and encourage them and face the problems bravely. A professional and proper ways should be guided and to make them confident again in life. She thinks this is a way for her to contribute to this society. She has no desire to live under meaningless life.

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WELCOME @ Follow Your Dream

Follow Your Dream

Follow Your Dream
Take One Step At A Time
Don't Settle For Less
Just Continue To Climb
Follow Your Dream
If You Stumble Don't Stop
Keep Your Eye On The Goal
Press On To The Top
For Only On Top
Can You See The Whole View
You See What You've Done,
And What You Can Do
So, Press On And Follow Your Dream

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